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Accelerate Your Engineering Development Projects with HSB Solutions.

We specialize in custom engineering solutions, combining deep expertise in complex engineering disciplines with innovative tools and processes to enable our customers to accelerate their projects.

Our commitment is to provide high-quality services customized to your specific needs. Often this means offering comprehensive turnkey solutions, from concept design to completion. With our unique hybrid working models, we seamlessly extend your engineering team, improving collaboration and efficiency.

Our business strategy is based on providing complex engineering capability. Capabilities we specialize in are not only in high demand but also engineers with deep experience are difficult to find.

However, more classical engineering experts in the Design and Analysis of Mechanical Systems, Structures, and Electrical Systems are widely available for us to source in Turkey. We can build teams specifically based on our customer needs for these areas.

Classical Engineering

  • ARP4761 Compliant Safety Activities


  • Safety Analysis & Documentation

  • Reliability & Maintenance

  • Regulatory Compliance


  • Documentation

  • Liaison with Regulatory Authorities

  • Compliance Verification by Certification Testing

  • Performing Loads Loop

Load & Aeroelastics

  • Methods & Tools Development

  • Loads & Aeroelastics Analysis

  • Air Load Calibration

  • Ground & Flight Test Support

  • System Requirements Analysis

Avionics System

  • System Architecture Design

  • Integration with other Systems and overall Aircraft

  • System Verification & Testing

  • Documentation and Certification

  • Agreed Scope Delivery

Program & Project Management

  • Cost-Efficient, Timely Completion

  • Daily Progress Monitoring

  • Identification and Resolution of Roadblocks

  • Strong Communication & Teamwork

  • ARP-4754 Compliant Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

  • Systems Requirements Analysis

  • Systems Integration, Verification & Testing Support

  • Certification Support

  • Flight Manual Creation Support

  • Flight Performance

Flight Sciences

  • Flight Characteristics

  • Flight Control Law Design

  • Modeling & Simulation

Specialized Areas

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