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Safety Engineering is at the core of Aeronautical Product development. We offer services in Safety, focusing on ensuring that your aviation projects comply with the highest safety standards. Our team is proficient in ARP4761-compliant development support, encompassing a wide range of safety and reliability analyses crucial for the aviation industry.

What We Do in Safety:
ARP4761 Compliant Safety Activities

We provide robust support in safety activities compliant with ARP4761, covering all phases from concept to certification.

  • Support from Aircraft Level to Item Level Criticality Assessment

  • Design Optimization and Safety Impact Trade Studies

  • Architectural Improvement & Component Selection Support

  • Reliability & Maintenance Activities Support

Safety Analysis & Documentation

Our team performs meticulous safety analyses in line with ARP4761 guidance, ensuring thorough documentation of all safety processes.

  • FHA, PASA, PSSA, and SSA Analysis

  • Common Cause Analysis including Zonal Safety Analysis, Particular Risk Analysis, and Common Mode Analysis

  • Safety Requirement Identification and Systematic Flow-Down

Reliability & Maintenance

We specialize in reliability and maintenance analysis, essential for long-term safety and operational efficiency.

  • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) & MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) Analysis

  • Comprehensive Reliability and Maintenance Planning and Analysis

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