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Flight Sciences

At HSB Solutions, we specialize in the full range of Flight Sciences, offering services and expertise at critical stages of aircraft design, performance, and development. Our team brings forward a blend of related previous experience, deep know-how, and expertise in adapting to meet the evolving needs of the aviation industry.

What We Do in Flight Sciences:
Flight Performance

We specialize in improving aircraft performance. Our expertise includes mission optimization and analysis of different aircraft configurations. These functions are critical to ensuring optimum aircraft performance, compliance with certification standards, and developing comprehensive test plans.

  • Mission and Point Performance Analysis.

  • Performance Analysis and Optimization of Different Aircraft Configurations, including electric, hybrid-electric, and internal combustion-powered fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

  • Performance Sizing and Trade-Off Analysis of Different Configurations and Payloads.

  • Takeoff, Landing, and Maneuvering Performance Analysis

  • Certification and Test Plan for Flight Performance

Flight Control Law Design

Our expertise in Flight Control Law Design is critical to aircraft functionality. We focus on the development of control laws, stability analysis, and the design of autopilots and navigation systems. Adhering to industry standards such as DO-178C and DO-331, we ensure the accuracy, reliability, and regulatory compliance of flight control systems.

  • Flight Control Law Design

  • Stability & Robustness Analysis

  • Autopilots, Navigation and Guidance Algorithm Design

  • Model-Based Design

  • Verification & Validation of Flight Control Laws 

  • Certification and Test Plan for Flight Control.

Flight Characteristics

Our Flight Characteristics capabilities span sizing of control surfaces, thorough handling and flying quality analysis, and stability assessments. These are essential to creating aircraft with superior flight characteristics and safety features.

  • Sizing and Optimization of Control Surfaces or Control Power

  • Handling and Flying Quality Analysis by Simulation and Flight Testing

  • Stability and Controllability Analysis

  • System and Parameter Identification

  • Flight Data Analysis

  • Certification and Test Plan for Handling and Flying Qualities

Modeling & Simulation

Our Modeling & Simulation services are integral to aircraft design covering requirements capture, simulation environment implementation, and subsystem model development and integration. These services ensure a thorough understanding of aircraft behavior and support the verification & validation and compliance for certification.

  • Requirements Capture for Modeling & Simulation Environments

  • Simulation Environment Specification and Implementation

  • Code and Model Development & Support

  • Integration of Subsystem Models with Varying Fidelity Levels

  • Integration of Simulation Models into various test platforms, including Engineering Simulators, Flight Simulation Training Devices, and System Integration Laboratories.

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