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Empowering Growth, Shaping Futures

Turkiye has a robust network of entrepreneurs in engineering and technical fields. We are on the lookout for businesses that complement our own. 


As part of the discovery process, we offer consulting and advisory services to those interested in exploring a relationship with HSB Solutions. 


These engagements allow us to understand other businesses better and offer unique perspectives based on our experience in international markets.  


Our services include the formulation of business strategy, positioning for market expansion beyond Turkey, and other engagements tailored to the specific needs of the business.

Our Journey with Miltron

An Exemplary Deal That Guided Us Towards a Strategic Partnership

Miltron specializes in custom software engineering solutions for critical industry applications, specifically in the Aerospace and Defense industries. Miltron has developed a series of user interfaces for complex systems and applications. In addition, Miltron also offers a suite of software testing solutions, which can be tailored to specific customer requirements.

The partnership with Miltron enables HSB Solutions to integrate software capabilities into our engineering offerings to enhance solutions for our customers.

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