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Loads & Aeroelastics

We have built a core team specialized in Loads & Aeroelastics, a critical area ensuring the structural integrity and safety of aircraft. Our team is equipped with advanced techniques and innovative tools, delivering reliable and efficient solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers developing or modifying aeronautical products.

Loads & Aeroelastics Analysis

We offer comprehensive services in analyzing both static and dynamic loads, along with thorough aeroelastic assessments, including linear and non-linear flutter analysis.

  • Static and Dynamic Load Analysis

  • Comprehensive Aeroelastic Assessments, including Flutter Analysis

Air Load Calibration

Accuracy in air load calibration is integral to our services, ensuring reliable predictions and analyses for various load scenarios.


  • Correcting the loads model with the highest fidelity data available.

Ground & Flight Test Support

Our responsibilities extend to providing support during ground and flight tests, ensuring that our analyses and predictions are validated under real-world conditions.

  • Planning and Conducting of Ground and Flight Tests

  • Validation and enhancement of Aircraft Loads & Aeroelastics models

Methods & Tools Development

Our expertise lies in developing detailed methods and tools crucial for loads and aeroelastic analyses, utilizing advanced software like MSC.NASTRAN, ZAERO, and ADAMS.

  • Specialization in Detailed Modeling for Loads & Aeroelastics Analysis

  • Advanced tools development using Python, MATLAB, and FORTRAN

  • Optimization of aircraft design based on Load Assessments

What We Do in Loads & Aeroelastics:
Performing Loads Loop

We conduct thorough loads loop analysis at each design stage to accurately assess and determine all load conditions for the operational life of aircraft.

  • Flight Loads 

  • Ground and Landing Loads 

  • Gust and Turbulence Loads 

  • Fatigue Loads

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