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Find Your Place in Our Team at HSB Solutions

Turkiye has a robust network of entrepreneurs in engineering and technical fields. We are on the lookout for businesses that complement our own. 


As part of the discovery process, we offer consulting and advisory services to those interested in exploring a relationship with HSB Solutions. 


These engagements allow us to understand other businesses better and offer unique perspectives based on our experience in international markets.  


Our services include the formulation of business strategy, positioning for market expansion beyond Turkey, and other engagements tailored to the specific needs of the business.

Open Positions

Find Your Place in Our Team

HSB Solutions is not just a team but a growing family of creative and motivated people. We believe everyone has a unique talent that can contribute to the aerospace industry.

We're inviting you to apply to our team. Please send your resume and contact details, and tell us about your passions, goals, and how you can contribute to aerospace innovation. We value everyone's unique qualities and perspectives and are always looking for new, talented people to join us.

Join us at HSB Solutions and be part of shaping the future of aerospace. Here, every idea matters and every team member is important for our shared success.

Operations Assistant
Loads and Aeroelastic Engineer (Junior Level)
Flight Dynamics Engineer
Modeling and Simulation Engineer
Avionics Systems Engineer (Senior Level)
Insights from HSB Team

Life at HSB

Uğur Çakın

Head of Flight Sciences

In aircraft design and development, Flight Sciences are crucial as they encompass the study of aerodynamics, flight dynamics, flight control, loads and aeroelasticity, enabling the creation of safe, efficient, and high-performance aircraft. Understanding the intricate balance between these areas is essential for designing aircraft that are not only technologically advanced but also meet stringent safety standards, making Flight Sciences a cornerstone in the evolution of aviation technology.

Berkay Fatih Doğan

Candidate Engineer of Flight Sciences

In the thrilling world of Flight Sciences, immersing ourselves in aircraft modeling is an exhilarating adventure. Unlocking the wonders of aerodynamics and structural dynamics guides us to craft aircraft that transcend conventional boundaries, becoming pioneers of performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Burak Keskin

Loads & Aeroelastics Engineer

Loads and aeroelastics engineering involves examining and managing the interaction between aerodynamic forces and structural flexibility to avert structural failures and sustain the aircraft's safety and performance throughout its entire operational envelope.

Dilara Aksakboğa

Aerospace Systems Engineer

Systems engineering is the invisible hand that orchestrates innovation. At the heart of every cutting-edge technology, there's systems engineering at work, making the impossible possible.


Embark on your journey with HSB Solutions by completing our general application form!

Your unique talents and aspirations are pivotal to advancing the aerospace industry. Join our esteemed family where every idea counts, and each team member is integral to our success. Submit your application now to shape the future of aviation with us.

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