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After working 13 years in the Turkish Aerospace industry, I know how difficult it is to change jobs, change countries, change entirely the way of living…

But I decided to take the challenge and went to Japan. My first observation was how well-prepared Turkish engineering Experience can be in an International setting; I found our hands-on process and knowledge, combined with deep technical expertise along with the ability to see the big picture was well received by international experts. In particular, the Japanese engineers respected our strong work ethic and values. 

The biggest personal takeaway from this experience is that Turkish engineers possess solid education and training, and combining this with our strong cultural values, makes us stand out in any international setting. 

And so, I decided to create an alternative environment for Turkish Engineers to experience international projects without having to uproot their life. We can live in our own country but still be able to work for international customers and projects. And, HSB Solutions was born. 

Our business is about branding Turkish engineers. We want our team to be recognized around the world. We want them to be the brands of the future that represent Turkey. 

HSB Solutions is purposefully different. We have cultivated a people-first culture that goes above and beyond to create a great experience for our customers. We do not want our people to feel blue on Sunday nights thinking about Monday morning. That is the culture we are striving for…

Our Story

The Aerospace Industry has consolidated to a degree that it has created a market gap for high mix, one-off complex engineered solutions, underserved by corporate giants that continue to grow in scale through mergers and acquisitions. 

Engineering houses that have not been folded into large portfolios are often leaving customers wanting more. The service begins with large promises and ends with under-delivering on those commitments, often trapping those customers to bad service due to lack of a high quality alternative.     

Hazan and Udaya, both worked for Multinational Aerospace Corporations before founding HSB Solutions. They met each other first in Nagoya, Japan working together to develop the Mitsubishi Regional Aircraft, the first Japanese commercial aircraft program. During the peak of this program, some 1300+ engineers were engaged with hundreds more engaged by third-party companies. 

Engineering providers that were meant to help were underqualified, inefficient, and unaccountable. All of this led Hazan and Udaya to co-found HSB Solutions in an attempt to change the way engineering companies serve their customers. 

HSB Solutions was launched in Ankara, Turkey in April 2022, and we expanded our operations by launching in Munich, Germany in September 2023.


"We are on a mission to prove the strength of Turkish Engineering around the World."


"We want to be the leading name behind exporting Turkish Engineering to the World."

Why Türkiye?

Türkiye is a competitive country. This competitiveness is instilled in the culture from an early age. A strong education system, combined with highly competitive entrance exams, provides access to the best universities and the best companies. It's a blend of talent, a strong work ethic, and a drive to succeed that makes Türkiye a unique and dynamic place for success.

The Founders of Our Journey

With over 20 years of experience in the Aerospace industry, Udaya Silva has worked in various global contexts including Canada, Japan, Germany, and Turkey. He has excelled in numerous executive roles, combining engineering background with business acumen, strategy and marketing savviness. Udaya stands out for his keen observation skills, not just understanding the present industry landscape but also anticipating future trends. His exceptional communication skills and belief in the potential of Turkish engineers demonstrates his commitment to embracing and fostering talent. His approach is characterized by a continuous quest for development and improvement, making him a respected and forward-thinking leader in the industry.


International Business & Strategy


With 17 years in the Aerospace industry, Hazan Günay has a deep understanding of Avionics System Design and Integration as well as Aerospace Product Development. Her academic background in Electronics Engineering combined with International experiences in Japan, Germany, and Turkey have contributed to her technical leadership in Systems and Avionics disciplines. Hazan is more than a successful engineer; she is a visionary leader known for her positive and charismatic personality. Her leadership extends beyond technical and product development, as she is a role model and a source of inspiration, passionately supporting and empowering her colleagues. Her influential role goes beyond technical achievements, setting new benchmarks for leadership and empowerment amongst Turkish engineers.

Founder & Owner

I met Hazan in Japan while working for Mitsubishi Aircraft in 2019. I did not know much about Turkey and certainly did not know Turkey had such strong engineers. Even then, we immediately started talking about creating an engineering core business.

The Mitsubishi regional aircraft was at its prime, right before the Pandemic began. We were in heavy recruiting mode, and could not find engineers fast enough. This was a dream for engineering service providers. From our perspective, these service providers were taking advantage of the situation, hiking rates, pushing back any accountability, and to top it off, just generally bad customer experience.

So, it was natural for us to try to solve the problem that we ourselves were facing, even at that time. That was the beginning of our mission to make Turkish engineering known around the world and brand HSB as the pioneer for exporting Turkish engineering.

We are a trust-centered organization. 


We believe in a vision based on shared fate and a purpose greater than the individual. We come together in our mission to demonstrate the strength of Turkish engineers to the World. We are proving our mission one project at a time. 


Our culture is based on trust and a “people first” orientation. We do not believe in rules, because if we can trust one another with the mission at hand, then we do not need rules. 


Our “people first” culture extends to our customers. We know that our customers are the reason for our existence. We adapt our working style to match the specific needs of our customers. Our culture is critical to ensuring that we deliver on our commitments, on time, on cost, every time. 


Our teams do all the hiring because they precisely understand who fits our culture. Therefore, we all feel equally accountable for protecting the culture that we have cultivated.

A “People First” Culture

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