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Certification is a critical step in the Aeronautical Product development process. It is essential that certification strategy is a forethought at the initial stages of planning. We provide specialized and customer-focused initial airworthiness certification services. Our team's extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements and the certification process makes us your trusted partner in getting your certification strategy right, from the inception of your project.

What We Do in Certification:
Regulatory Compliance

We focus on ensuring that aircraft design aligns with aviation standards and regulations. Our expertise covers a wide range of international civil aviation authorities and standards.

  • Aviation Regulations Alignment (Part 21 and equivalent): FAA, EASA, JCAB and DGCA_TR

  • Initial Airworthiness Specifications Alignment: Part 23, 25, 27, 29 or SC-VTOL

  • Regulatory Changes and Updates, Modification Projects, STCs 

Liaison with Regulatory Authorities

We effectively bridge the project and the regulatory authorities (FAA, EASA, JCAB, DGCA-TR), ensuring seamless communication and certification progress.

  • Regulatory Body Communication and Coordination

  • External Compliance Verification Engineer (CVE) Services for EASA TC/STC

  • Experience with TR Military Authority and MIL-HDBK-516, DEF-STAN 00-970, and STANAG 4671 standards

Documentation and Submission

We specialize in the preparation and management of all documentation required for the certification process, ensuring thorough and accurate submissions.

  • Certification Basis and Plan Development 

  • Compliance Verification Reporting

  • Experience with FAR/CS 23, 25, 27, 29, and EASA SC-VTOL Standards

Compliance Verification by Certification Testing

Our expertise extends to overseeing the essential testing processes for certification, including laboratory, ground, and flight tests.

  • Supervision of Laboratory Testing

  • Ground and Flight Test Supervision

  • Supervision of compliance test reports for certification

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