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Modeling and Simulation Engineer

HSB Solutions is a global player in the Aerospace industry, specializing in delivering advanced engineering solutions and advisory services. With a focus on Aerospace, HSB Solutions deploys Turkish engineering expertise on a global stage, providing unparalleled value and deep technical knowledge.

  • Provide technical support to all simulation and modeling projects.

  • Actively participate in the design, development, implementation, and continuous improvement of the simulation environment.

  • Work with simulation users to design new features and improve the user experience.

  • Support aircraft-level integration by providing simulation tools, knowledge, and expertise to support the activities of other technical teams.

  • Positively participate in the development and management of simulation requirements, from capture, through V&V and compliance for certification.

  • Apply best practices by combining knowledge from conventional aerospace and new approaches for eVTOL. Emphasis on the needs of a lean start-up culture with novel designs and unique operational characteristics.

  • Flight dynamics knowledge and simulation experience for multirotor. If no practical experience, then at least an understanding of major differences to conventional f/wing or r/wing theory.

  • Understanding of aerodynamics of multi-copters and impact on simulation requirements.

  • Experience working with and/or knowledge of multirotor flight controllers, electrical propulsion, and energy storage and supply systems (professional or hobby).

  • Adopted new technology in aerospace and supported the development of novel aircraft configurations.

  • Understanding of rotor blade aerodynamics and rotor dynamics, to a level that impacts aircraft level behavior.

  • Knowledge of proposed eVTOL regulations and means of compliance.


International / Remote working with the ability to travel to International Locations.

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering or related discipline.

  • Minimum of 5 years experience in developing and implementing simulations for aerospace vehicles.

  • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team that has developed complex analysis and simulation tools and environments.

  • Knowledge of technical requirements for simulation and participation in managing them through the life-cycle phases (capture, mature, validation, and verification).

  • Strong software design and development skills.

  • Proficiency in MATLAB/Simulink, Python, and C/C++.

  • Strong skills in debugging, performance optimization, and unit testing.

  • Have a creative approach to problem-solving.

  • Experience in developing models from a blank sheet and from first principles to aid aircraft simulation, integration, and testing.

  • Ability to work independently and also as part of a team.

  • Good time management and interpersonal skills to manage internal and external stakeholders. Proactive attitude to ensure the optimum outcome for the program.

  • If no existing experience with multi-copter design, then the willingness to learn about differences with conventional fixed/rotary wing aircraft.

  • Business-level English and able to build positive relationships in a multilingual environment.

Job Description

We are currently seeking a passionate and talented engineer to join the Modeling and Simulation Team. The role is multi-disciplinary and applicants must have a passion for new technology whilst working in a lean environment to help achieve program objectives and help to our client deliver a range of certified eVTOLs into the Advanced Air Mobility Eco-System.

The role will involve work across multiple aspects of Simulation and Modelling for manned Air Mobility

products, including:

  • Simulation & modeling requirements capture

  • Simulation environment specification and implementation

  • Code and model development and support

  • Integration of subsystem models of differing levels of fidelity through the program lifecycle

  • Integration of simulation models on test rigs

  • Support to the user community

The role will require interfacing with many disciplines, including Flight Characteristics, Loads,

Aerodynamics, Flight Controls, and Tests (simulation, rigs, ground, and flight), as well as requirements

management and a variety of activities to support achieving certification. The successful candidate will form a part of a small technical team and requires good interpersonal skills (in a multilingual environment), a strong work ethic, efficient self-management, and passion to learn new skills and help develop others.


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Your unique talents and aspirations are pivotal to advancing the aerospace industry. Join our esteemed family where every idea counts, and each team member is integral to our success. Submit your application now to shape the future of aviation with us.

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