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What is our Culture?


What is our culture?

This picture defines our culture way more than one can write about.

This was taken on Christmas Day. Yes, it is a working day in Turkey.

What are we celebrating? It’s a surprise birthday party for Hazan and Ebru organized by the team. Why? I don’t even know. Hazan’s and Ebru’s birthdays are a month away.

My former boss Jerry Jendusa always says, “celebrate every day”. I love this. I find this is something that is truly missing in the world. The fact that we are here on the planet is a rare miracle of 1 in 400 trillion. Do we need a bigger reason to celebrate everyday?

Our team is scattered, I am not even in Ankara at the moment, there are a few others that are missing in this picture too. But, every opportunity to celebrate an occasion is something we embrace. And some of the smiling faces here are pulling 12-14 hour days to finish important milestones for a customer that is due end of the year. Work and play can work!

We often get asked when we interview new candidates, “you sound too good to be true, what’s missing ?” I don’t know how best to answer that anymore. You don’t know until you start. It’s a chicken and an egg situation.

We are so grateful. Our team is the best because we have the best team chemistry. Ask any one of our team, they will answer the same.

And yes, we don’t have fancy offices, we are simple. We keep the value for our customers. No unnecessary overhead, just lean mean engineering value creation so we offer the best value in the market for the most complex engineering.

In the meantime, I just landed in Canada. I am visiting my most important customer of the year. My son.

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to all. Peace out.

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