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Welcome to HSB Solutions Phillip Sheen


I am proud to announce the addition of Phillip Sheen to the HSB Solutions team as our Chief Technical Officer.

Phil's appointment marks a significant milestone in our company's journey of growth and expansion, into a global leader in the provision of complex engineering offerings for aircraft development and modification projects.

He has had a diverse and varied career spanning over 30 years, with spells in hospitality, retail, winter sports and travelling along with his extensive work in the aerospace industry.

In the aerospace sector, he has made invaluable contributions, collaborating with renowned entities such as BAe Systems, Boeing, Aermacchi, Bombardier, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, SkyDrive, and a number of smaller companies.

Phil's technical knowledge and expertise initially centered around flight physics, encompassing flight characteristics, performance, simulation, loads, aeroelastics, and aerodynamics. Over time, this has expanded to encompass control laws, flight control systems, systems engineering, with a sound knowledge of all aspects of the aerospace industry.

He has worked in various capacities and roles, on a variety of projects, and at various stages, from initial design studies through to flight testing, certification and entry into service and post delivery support.

Throughout his career, Phil has been instrumental in the design, development and implementation of innovative tools and processes, facilitating the efficient and safe development of aerospace products.

Phil’s unique background and experiences mean that he is a leader who understands that everyone brings something unique to the table, and has learned how to draw out the best in his team and to support their development.

We are excited about Phil joining our team and the prospect of leveraging his world-class knowledge and expertise to further augment our Ankara and Munich teams’ capabilities.

With Phil as our CTO, we will undoubtedly continue to elevate our ability to deliver enhanced value, exceptional support and world-class experiences to our valued customers.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Phillip Sheen as he embarks on this exciting journey with us at HSB Solutions.

Udaya Silva

HSB Solutions

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