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We are pioneering something new in Turkey!


We are pioneering something new in Turkey!

HSB Solutions was conceived to respond to a gap in the marketplace.

There was no entity providing high quality engineering solutions that focused on bringing talented Turkish engineering on to the Global stage.

We rose to fill that gap.

Our business model itself is not revolutionary. But what is truly revolutionary is how we brought our own uniqueness, our past experiences, and combined to create a culture that represents our own personality.

A culture that embraces autonomy, creativity, and flexibility. A culture where we celebrate being different while empowering each other. We look at the world with a different set of lenses than our peers.

We already know that many will try to replicate our Business Model. The model itself isn't revolutionary.

But no one can copy our personality.

Our DNA is printed in the fabric of the culture we are building.

That is revolutionary!

Photo: Some of us at Devrim Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi / Middle East Technical University some weeks ago.

Taken by Udaya Silva

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