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The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency Visit


This week at HSB Solutions, we had the pleasure of hosting Jonas Liekens from the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency in our office. Our meeting with Jonas was not just a delightful occasion but also a moment of meaningful exchange and learning. It was an opportunity for us to introduce the unique strengths of HSB Solutions and gain valuable insights into the Dutch market and its opportunities.

As an engineer, it's incredibly fulfilling to be part of a team that excels in a niche field and engages in international projects. I am grateful to our founders, Hazan Gunay and Udaya Silva, for every step taken towards further growth and further development of our vision. It’s exciting to see how much we accomplished even after I joined HSB, from working on international projects to establishing our presence in Germany, and now exploring opportunities in the Netherlands.

A big thanks to Jonas Liekens, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, and Ostim Teknopark for enabling this opportunity..

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