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Republic and Aviation


Today, we are sharing the 3rd post in our series of 5 posts this week commemorating the 100th year of the Turkish Republic. Tomorrow's post will be written by Udaya Silva who will share his personal thoughts from a foreigner's perspective. Stay tuned.

As we commemorate the 100th year of the Turkish Republic, we express our deep respect for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's profound passion for aviation and his visionary commitment to developing aviation talent in our great nation. At HSB Solutions, we share Atatürk's vision and are dedicated to advancing the cause of aviation in Turkey. Atatürk once said, 'The future is in the skies.' and we are determined to make this vision reality.

We are proud to collaborate with aviation leaders, nurturing a new generation of aviation professionals and innovators. Together, we are working to make Turkey a hub of aviation excellence.

Happy 100th year Turkey!

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