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Our New Website


Our refreshed website is live at hsb-solutionsdotcom where I share the story of HSB Solutions and my own personal story of how we came to build this company and the beautiful culture we are cultivating...I look forward to hearing what you think...good or bad 😊

After working 13 years in the Turkish Aerospace industry, I know how difficult it is to change jobs, change countries, change entirely the way of living…

But I decided to take the challenge and went to Japan. My first observation was how well-prepared Turkish engineering Experience can be in an International setting; I found our hands-on process and knowledge, combined with deep technical expertise along with the ability to see the big picture was well received by international experts. In particular, the Japanese engineers respected our strong work ethic and values.

The biggest personal takeaway from this experience is that Turkish engineers possess solid education and training, and combining this with our strong cultural values, makes us stand out in any international setting.

And so, I decided to create an alternative environment for Turkish Engineers to experience international projects without having to uproot their life. We can live in our own country but still be able to work for international customers and projects. And, HSB Solutions was born.

Our business is about branding Turkish engineers. We want our team to be recognized around the world. We want them to be the brands of the future that represent Turkey.

HSB Solutions is purposefully different. We have cultivated a people-first culture that goes above and beyond to create a great experience for our customers. We do not want our people to feel blue on Sunday nights thinking about Monday morning. That is the culture we are striving for…

If there was an image that could capture the unique culture we are cultivating, this picture would be it. (still missing a few of our important people)

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