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Engineers Day


Today is Engineers Day in Turkey. In celebration of this day, I want to share the BIGGEST SECRET about Turkey that the world must find out!

Our mission at HSB Solutions is to show off the strength of Turkish Engineering on the World stage.

We have been doing exactly that since the inception of the company in April 2022.

So, let me remind again, why we think Turkish engineers are so great!

Our team has now interviewed close to 500 Engineers from Turkey. This is what we learned.

  1. Great Communication Skills

    It's not their first rodeo. They worked with international teams. They understand what it is like to work with international partners and customers. We have now proven this over the past 20 months as well working with number of international customers.

  2. Great attitude

    Almost everyone I met, carried a positive outlook. Polite and courteous. They were easy going, joked and laughed. No one took it too seriously. They knew their craft, and they were comfortable in their skin.

  3. Generous and selfless

    Most candidates offered to help, find friends and deploy their network for the positions we are hiring. Great sense of kindness all around.

  4. Impressive experience and skills

    Turkey Aerospace Industry is different from other outsourced countries like India. They have practical experience having developed many indigenous aircraft from concept to certification. Highly experienced and highly skilled. I often wondered how these people hid from plain sight all this long. I get it now, they

    want to stay in Turkey. They love their life in Turkey.

  5. Work Ethic like no other

    Turkey is competitive. 85 million people in a land that values deep history and culture. High quality of education and some of the strongest universities in the world like Middle East Technical University and Istanbul Technical University. It's a race to be in the best schools, best universities and to work for the best companies.

    You cannot find lazy people here.

Strength of Turkish engineering has been hidden from plain sight from the world far too long.

We are the pioneers to bringing Turkish engineering to the world by enabling participation in projects on a Global arena.

HSB Solutions is out there proving this one international project at a time. If you are an impressive engineer from Turkey, follow us HSB Solutions. Join us in this mission. It is more than a mission, it is a cultural movement!

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