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DO-178C Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification


By Dilara Aksakboğa

HSB Solutions Avionics & Systems Engineering Team

We emphasize the dynamic nature of DO-178C process and aid with a block diagram to follow in a step by step approach. We are providing the key points in the compliance process while showing how the SOI reviews serve as milestones during the process. It is important not to forget that all processes within software development are intertwined with each other and there are no strict points to end and start phases or SOI reviews.

This block diagram captures the essence of a process that is not a linear progression but rather a dynamic interplay of phases. Each phase coexists in a continuous loop, exchanging feedback, fostering an environment of constant development.

Currently we are supporting our customers for DO-178C compliant software development processes and ensuring in turn that their suppliers' work is compliant with the standard.

HSB Solutions stands ready to be your trusted ally for #DO178C compliance, offering expertise and support for organizations navigating complex airborne software standards. If your company is in need of a meticulous approach to compliance, we invite you to contact us. Let's explore how we can collaboratively elevate your software to levels of reliability and excellence. Contact HSB Solutions or myself Dilara Aksakboğa.

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