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Avionics Certification by Engineer Dilara Aksakboğa


Unlocking Aviation Excellence: Embracing ARP4754 Through Avionics Development 🚀✈

Today I'm reflecting on my journey at HSB Solutions and sharing some insights from a year immersed in DO-178 and DO-254 compliant processes. It's been a year of profound growth and learning, guided by the exceptional leadership of Hazan Gunay. Her immense experience in avionics, spanning defense and civil projects, has been invaluable in shaping my understanding of complex compliance standards.

Combining my background in systems engineering practices with Hazan's mentorship, we embarked on a deep dive into ARP4754, DO-178, and DO-254. Each standard unraveling layers of essentials for ensuring safety and reliability in airborne systems. Combining this immersive educational process with hands-on projects for our clients, has been immensely enriching.

One significant revelation from this journey has been the importance of the requirements capture process. Often overlooked, yet very foundational, it serves as the backbone of development processes. Engineers must not only write requirements considering the design but also considering the verifiability in the process. This mindset shift results in robust requirements that not only aid the verification and validation processes but also facilitate seamless design phase. In light of this, it's become evident that all technical teams must be trained in requirements writing and verification and validation processes. Engineers who are knowledgeable in these practices not only contribute to development of better requirements but also facilitate the entire product lifecycle, ensuring efficiency and compliance.

Drawing from our collective experience and expertise, our systems engineering team, led by Hazan Gunay, has thoroughly created guidelines and checklists for DO-178 and DO-254 compliant processes. These resources aim to tailor the compliance journey for organizations, ensuring adherence to industry standards without compromising efficiency.

Stay tuned for the list of guidance documents and checklists we've prepared. If you or your company are seeking assistance in navigating the complexities of compliance, We encourage you to reach out to HSB Solutions or myself. Let's elevate your avionics projects together.

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