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We are an Engineering Solutions provider for the Aerospace Industry. We are on a mission to prove the strength of Turkish engineering to the whole world. 

Building Complex Aerospace Engineering Capability for the World with Turkish Engineering.

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We specialize in Complex Engineering disciplines that are critical to Aeronautical Product Development. We focus on Flight Sciences, Aircraft Loads & Aeroelasticity, Avionics & Systems as well as Safety & Certification.

Simplifying Complexity

We know that these specializations are in high demand all over the world, and uniquely qualified engineers are hard to find. Naturally, these services can be quite costly.

We have focused on these capabilities by design.

Complex capability with high engineering quality at a significantly lower cost structure compared with prevailing market trends. This is a substantial opportunity against the increasing demand for high-quality and timely engineering services as the industry undergoes major technology transitions.

HSB Solutions offers a compelling value proposition.

How we support

We are open to a challenge. That is why we take the most complex problems to provide our customers with turnkey solutions, from concept to completion, high-quality engineering solutions that meet industry standards, at market-beating costs.


We know that our customers’ engineering teams are extremely busy. It is almost impossible for them to take the time off for the next urgent activity to craft a statement of work that can be outsourced. This is a real problem that affects most of our customers’ engineering teams.


Our team helps our customers craft statements of work for the work they would like to outsource. We then offer them the opportunity to send those SoWs to various entities for possible outsourcing, including us.

Engineered Work Packages 

We extend our customer engineering teams.


We offer unique hybrid working arrangements tailored to the needs of our customers. We do this by way of both onsite and remote working arrangements defined by what works most efficiently for our customers.

We understand that engagement with our customer teams is essential for an efficient collaboration. It is critical that our team understands and becomes familiar with the people they work with. Regular onsite engagements help improve relationships and the speed of collaboration.

We extend the capabilities of our customers' engineering teams with both remote and on-site working approaches. This approach ensures improved collaboration and efficiency in executing projects.

Extension to Your Engineering Team

We are driven by our desire to make a difference for our customers, our people, our partners, and the macro world around us. We have to start with our people and ensure that they embody the character traits that we value the most.

Build a Career that Reaches New Heights

We must get to know our customer and their challenges to help address those challenges. We build lasting relationships with our customers to enable a high level of customer intimacy. 

We Try to walk in the shoes of our Customers

We think and act as if we are owners of the business. We make decisions in a way that creates maximum value for our customers.

We Share an Owner Mindset

We are driven by our desire to be different. Our goal is to be a progressive world-class organization. For this reason, we do everything that is the exact opposite of what traditional organizations do. 

We Swim Upstream

Who we are

We are an Engineering Solutions provider for the Aerospace Industry. Our mission is to prove the strength of Turkish engineering to the whole world.

Türkiye has an established Aerospace industry that has matured over the last two decades. In this time, it has developed a rich ecosystem of industry, research, and academia to become fully self-sufficient in its ability to advance technologies in Aerospace. This ecosystem continues to thrive as Türkiye prioritizes Aerospace as a strategic sector.  


Our vision is to be the leading name for exporting Engineering Solutions from Turkey. We aim to achieve this by showing the world the strength of Turkish engineering. In our endeavor, we have been actively pursuing our goals from both Turkey and Germany, enhancing our capabilities to assist our international customers who are developing Aeronautical Products. We provide complex engineering solutions with unmatched quality, agility, and an elevated customer experience.


TÜRKİYE is a wealth of Engineering Prowess, and we want to bring it to the world!

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